Things Are Changing!

After spending most of my lifetime in technology, I'm retiriing. SiliconHacker has been an interesting pursuit, but it's time to bring it to a close. So, my domains,

are for sale.

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3D Printers and Printing

I've been in software and digital electronics since the beginning of 1980. I've designed hundreds of digital circuits (and their PCBs) and written several hundred-thousand lines of code (C, C++, 80x86 assembly, Atmega assembly, ATXmega assembly, some C# and a lot of MS SQL).

After nearly 39 years of this I'm ready for a change…

I decided it was time to get into 3D printing and therefore spent a great deal of time to research them in articles, blogs, videos, etc.. Before jumping in, I wanted—and needed!—to develop my own knowledge base for 3D printing.

I chose the Creality Ender 3 as my first printer. It gets nearly universally positive reviews, mechannically is a pretty solid and rigid design, is relatively inexpensive at ~$200, is relatively quiet, is easy to disassemble and reassemble, and seems to be for sale everywhere (except perhaps the local Whole Foods Market). (And, it will do until I design my own from scratch, including the electronics and publish it on this site.)

And, even if this new quest failed, $200 was a pretty small investment to make to find out what all this 3D printing stuff was about...

In short, this is the new direction for

This is the live journal for the mods that I developed for the Ender 3, as well as for the development of new electronics for it. (Please stay tuned for this as it unfolds. And, no, I'm not providing details at this time…)