Mechanical Mods

The following is a list of the mechanical modifications and improvements I've made to my Ender 3 (in simple, alphabetical order):

  • Adjustable Y End Stop
  • Bed Height Bracket
  • Cable Chain (parameterized!)
  • Controller Fan Cover
  • Corrected Y End Stop
  • Extruder Guide Base
  • Extruder Cable Strain Relief
  • Extruder Cooling Fan Mount
  • Fan Plate
  • Filament Guide
  • Filament Spool Bracket
  • Left Cooling Fan Mount
  • Right Cooling Fant Mount
  • Z Bundle Strain Relief
  • Z Limit Switch

Follow each of the links above to review the 3D model. The corresponding Fusion 360 archive and STL models download links are also available there.