Extruder Bundle Strain Relief

There is a small three-prong clip on the rear suface of the extruder motor mount. It appears that it was intended to secure the extruder bundle but it actually does a poor job. I've frequently had to push the bundle back into the clips.

I realized while working on the Filament Guide mod that I could add another mount on the bottom side of the Filament Guide Base which could be used to secure the extruder bundle.

The Extruder Bundle Strain Relief (gold) is a simple flat print with M4 holes designed to mate with the Filament Guide Base; it also  has a pair of rectangular holes for zip-ties to secure the extruder bundle.

f3d filamentguideasm


Download Extruder Bundle Strain Relief STL model.

See Filament Guide Assembly for more details.


20181102 091235Fig. 1

Extruder bundle strain relief.

See here for assembly details.