Filament Guide 2

The Filament Guide 2 (purple) mounts on the Filament Guide Base (burgundy). A standard 22 mm diameter roller then mounts within a pair of bosses designed to match the inner race of its bearing.

As the photos below show, there is a narrow channel through which the filament passes. If desired, a small piece of cloth can be folded around the filament and placed in the channel (to ensure that dust, etc., is wiped from the filament before it enters the hob gear and Bowden tube).

This mod requires a small amount of hardware:

Quan Desc
1 M4x20 fastener
1 M4 hex nut
1 22 mm diameter roller


This is Guide 2 because I didn't like the first version. Since I left the model in the Subassembly model this mod was named "2".

f3d filamentguideasm


Download Filament Guide 2 STL model.

See Filament Guide Assembly for more details.


20181102 091247Fig. 1

Top view of guide 2. Note the bosses for contact with the inner bearing races to ensure that friction is as low as possible.


20181102 091253Fig. 2

Right side view of guide 2. 


20181102 091301Fig. 3

Top view of guide 2.

Note the channel and flanges for the wiper cloth. See the Filament Guide Assemly Fig. 8 and 9.