Filament Guide Base

The Filament Guide Base (burgundy) is the component on which the Filament Guide 2 (purple) and Extruder Bundle Strain Relief (gold) mods are mounted.

f3d filamentguideasm


Download Filament Guide Base STL model.

See Filament Guide Assembly for more details.


20181102 091202Fig. 1

Top view of guide base. There are three holes for the M4 fasteners used to secure the Filament Guide 2 and Extruder Bundle Strain Relief mods.

See here for assembly details.


20181102 091209Fig. 2

Side view of the guide base. The vertical flange mounts directly to the same fastener of the top-left Z-axis roller.


20181102 091216Fig. 3

Right-side view of the guide base. Note the pair of flanges designed to straddle the extruder motor mount (for rigidity).


20181102 091227Fig. 4

Bottom view of the guide base.