Quieting that annoying bell!

Unless you've applied new firmware (like TH3D Studio's Unified Firware Package), the bell supplied on the stock display board is really loud. As far as I know, there is no way to turn it down in the stock firmware, so I applied a hardware mod instead.


bell current limit resistorTo tone mine down, I added a 150 ohm series resistor in the collector-emitter path. The fix was actually quite easy, as the photo shows:

Simply cut the trace and remove a short portion. Then, solder in a ~150 ohm resistor to reconnect. (Shown is a surface mount 0805 package; use whatever form factor you have.)

If you install a value much greater than 150 ohm you'll silence the bell completely (which, if you're going to do, you might as well just remove the piezo bell and be done with it...).