Ender 3 4020 Cross Section

The download is only the sketch, no bodies or components. From it you could also make the 4040 and 2020 extrusion cross sections.

You'll notice the some of the segments appear to not be fully constrained. This is true for some segments but not for all of them.

The sketch was developed using the Fusion 360 mirror feature. While this works, I've noticed that sometimes the segments appear unconstrained when they really are constrained. I've also noticed that the model gets very sluggish and tends to lock the display for several seconds at a time. This might occur because of something I've done in the model; I'm simply not sure because I've seen these problems before in other models in which I've used mirroring.

If you plan to use this sketch, I'd recommend that you recapture the sketch without using mirroring. You'll probably have less trouble than I had with this one.

It's fairly easy to pull up this sketch on one tab, then start a new sketch on another tab. You can flip between the two tabs very easily to copy the dimensions from this sketch to your new one. I believe that you'll save time in the long run.

f3d 4020


Download 4020 Extrusion Fusion 360 Archive.