Ender 3 (Simple Overall Model)

A short time ago I wanted to enclose my Ender 3 and put it on a roll-around cart. So, as I did with the modifcations I made to the printer itself, I decided to take some time and create a simple, overall model of the printer. From that, I could then design a cabinet and cart very efficiently.

The model supplied here is what I created. By design, it is not detailed; rather, it represents the overall dimensions of the printer.

Note that the bed is modeled in both the back-most and front-most positions. Additionally, since the filament spool is typically mounted on the top 2020 extrusion, I added it since my goal was to make an enclosure and I therefore had to accommodate the full height of the printer.


f3d simpleender3


Ender 3 Simple Overall Fusion 360 Archive.