Ender 3 Y Plate

The bed cable bundle is secured through the left-rear support fastener. As with the rest of my mods, I modeled the Y Plate from the Creality open source drawings in order to properly size and locate my strain relief.

See the Bed Bundle Strain Relief and Parameterized Cable Chain models for the complete modification.

There is a small difference between this model and the drawings: the drawings show the holes for the 4 rollers, but in a staggered pattern rather than the parallel pattern shown here.

IMO, the staggered roller pattern was not a good choice; the eccentrics would be could work against each other if not precisely set. It's easy to imagine why it was changed after production began to the better parallel design.

While I have experience only with the Ender 3, the "extra" holes through the plate must be for another model which shares this plate.

I provide the model here for those who might want to design their own bed bundle strain relief.

f3d y plate


Download Y-Plate Fusion 360 Archive.