Metric Drills Base

As you've probably noticed from the mods I've published, many require both through and tapped holes. I purchased a simple metric drill set (which I keep with the printer) specifically to clean up printed holes, especially for tapping.

I purchased was this set from Amazon:

Migiwata 1.0-10mm Straight Shank Titanium Coated High Speed Steel Metric Twist Drill Bits Set of 19pcs in 19 Sizes for General Purpose

I wanted to clean up the area around the printer; having 19 drill bits around in a small pile was definitely not what I had in mind. So, I designed and printed a small base, complete with raised letters for the diameters. It's very efficient and clean.

Since it is really difficult to get a printed holes exactly the right size, I designed these holes to be slightly small; then, drill them out with its drill bit.

f3d metricdrillsbase


Download Metric Drills Base STL model and Fusion 360 Archive as a single zip file.


20181101 092524Fig. 1

Drills base with drill bits.

Note the raised lettering for the diameters.