Metric Taps Base

As you've probably noticed from the mods I've published, many require tapped holes. So, I purchased a simple metric tap set which I keep with the printer.

I purchased was this set from Amazon:

Drill Warehouse 5 Pcs M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 Titanium Coated HSS Spiral Flute Metric Taps Set

I already had an extra tap handle. They sat for a while in a small pile near the printer; since I was in the mood to get things a bit more tidy in my office, why not design and print a base?

f3d metrictapsbase


Download Metric Taps Base STL model and Fusion 360 Archive as a single zip file.


20181101 092542Fig. 1

Taps base with taps and handle.

Note the raised lettering for the sizes.